AIESEC OGCDP (Out Going exChange Development Program) to Shanghai, China

My name is Yonastasya Agustina Puny, but my friends call me Tasya. I am majoring in Business Administration batch 2012. Last summer holiday, I joined AIESEC OGCDP (Out Going exChange Development Program) to Shanghai, China. I am interested in green issues and I am also the Green Ambassador 2012 at President University. That’s why I chose Green Power Now Project AIESEC Fudan University in Shanghai, China. The duration for the social internship was (min) six weeks, but due to the visa issue in China I could only stick to the project for about four weeks. The other President University student who joined this project was Suci Wulan Sari from Public Relation 2012.

I arrived in Pudong International Airport, Shanghai, China on Sunday, July 20th, 2014. The first week in Shanghai, I stayed  at Shanghai  Hidden  Garden  International Youth  Hostel  in Pudong  District. In one room consisted of eight people,  and my roommates were Chinese but they came from different provinces. In Green Power Now, the project was teaching the children about green action in the world. My project which started on Tuesday, 22nd July 2014, was Chinese Art Painting. I learned about Chinese art and was taught how to paint. I was very excited, that was my first time learning about Chinese art painting and here I had many friends, they came from different countries, such as South Korea, Poland, Brazil, United Kingdom, Peru, and Hong Kong. We did our project together every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday, so the rest was free-day. On Tuesday, we were learning  Chinese  art, Wednesday we were teaching the secondary student about green action in the world, but sometimes Suci and I joined another project, which was teaching English for the senior citizens. On Thursday we prepared to make Green Art Exhibition, and on Saturday we were teaching about green action in the world and making something from the recycle materials.

On the second week,  I stayed with the host-family. I was really grateful because I got a very kind and humble host-family. Her name was Windy  (actually that is her international name hahaha..) she was very beautiful, she was married and had one son, still 1,5 years old namely Grape and he was very cute. I stayed at her  home  for  about three weeks. There, she treated me like her sister or may be like her daughter. She was taking care of  me  very  well. I  learned  so many things there, it could be kind of culture shock because it’s really different from  Indonesia. Fortunately  I could adapt quite easily, so I didn’t feel home-sick.  Windy  was  really  caring  to  me, she  taught  everything  and made me feel comfortable in her house, she also taught me how to speak in Mandarin.

In my free-day, I spent my day to explore Shanghai with my friends. I visited some places, such as Pearl Tower, The Bund, Xintiandi, Xujiahui,  Museums,  Yuyuan  Garden,  People Square and also Shopping Malls. As we know Shanghai has so many shopping malls and they are all big and luxurious. Sometimes I just stayed at  home, played  with  Grape, cooked with  Windy and I taught her how to cook Indonesian foods: nasi goreng, sayur asam, and also telur sambal balado, and she said they were delicious.