Interseliger 2014

Interseliger is an international forum which attended by thousands youth leaders around the world. Interseliger takes place in Lake Seliger,  Tver, Russia.  In this  event, the participants will do many leadership activities with the people with different ages, social statusses, positions and spheres. InJuly 2014, 2 people out of 25 Indonesia’s delegates were President University students, Crissy Paramita Aisahana (Industrial Engineering 2012) and Lindayani (Banking & Finance 2012). They attended this international forum because in Interseliger 2014 held a  conference  for student organizations leaders and international congress of young compatriots. 

In this event, they got educational programs (such as World Politics and International Relations, Economic Growth and Stable Development, Science and Innovation, Entrepreneurship, PR and Creative Mass Media, and Art & Culture), and had an important meetings with global and Russian gamechangers. Beside those kinds of activities, they participated in other interesting activities such  as  international  festival  of cultures   “Global   Village” to   show   other participants about our home country, Indonesia; a festival to get acquainted with Russia called “Russia Night”, sport event called “Selimpic Games” and the activity to share experience and create interesting discussion called “Open Mic”. 

The benefits from joining this event were that the participants had the assistance and advice from global gamechangers, a chance to find like-minded leaders among the participants from all over the world, opportunities to present our own project and get scholarship, opportunity to promote our project and attract investors, discover different cultures, and the most important thing is  networking  with  foreign   business, politics, science and culture leaders.

As the representatives from President University,  they   proudly   acquainted President University to other Interseliger 2014 participants from other countries around the  world  in  orde r to  develop mutually beneficial cooperation with the international communities and in the education field.

To  be  an  undergraduate  students  at President  University   gave   us   many advantages, especially when the students wanted to join the international programs. As an international standard university, the students are already familiar with English and they can use it in their daily activities.