President Model United Nations 2014

On September 17th-21th, 2014  in  Sahid  Jaya Hotel,  PUMUN  (President  University  Model United  Nations  organized  an  event  namely President Model United Nations (PresMUN). PresMUN is an  international  annual  event containing a seminar and UN simulation trial. This year’s theme was “Brave New World” and the  tagline  was “Rebuilding  the  World,  One Resolution at a Time”. There were more than 70 participants from Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Cambodia, and Singapore.

Four councils with different topics were provided by the committees for the participants. The first council was the General Assembly 3rd Committee (Social, Cultural & Humanitarian Affairs) and the topic discussed by GA was population bomb. The GA council discussed about the causes and effects of the population bomb and they tried to formulate the solutions to the population bomb problem.

The second council was United Nations Environment Programme or UNEP. UNEP council discussed about pollutant energy resources. This council was concerned about new alternative energy resources that could be used to replace the usage of fossil fuels. 

The third council was United Nations Security Council or UNSC. Cyber security was discussed in this council. This council focused on the safety of people in the world rather than each nation’s interest. The fourth   council was very unique  and  first organized in  this year’s PresMUN,  the  last council was Crisis Committee. Different with the other councils that dealt with serious world’s issues, in the Crisis Committee, the members were the survivors of a zombie apocalypse. The Crisis Committee members discussed about how they can survive the zombie apocalypse by finding the right path to safe place.

On the first day of PresMUN, the participants got a seminar from Dr. Yono Rekso, ST., DIC, the strategic consultant at Panglima TNI for C4ISR (K4IP2), and Dr. Kusnanto Anggoro,  the security & defense  analyst  and  lecturer  in  Indonesia Defense University. The topic of the seminar was Cyber Security. Committe Dinner & Opening was also the agenda for the first day. 

On the second day, there were two Committee Sessions where each council chose a topic they would like to discuss and they made workpapers containing their opinions and thoughts on the topic.  After  having  two  serious  Committee Sessions,  Press  Conference,  and  dinner,  the participants enjoyed the Neon Blitz Party that had been prepared by the PresMUN committees. 

The third day was quite tiring for the participants since they had to have 3 Committee Sessions on that day. The Committee Sessions on the third day were very interesting, the delegates tried to assert and define their opinions more. The   fourth  day  was   the  most   awaited  day because  each  council  had  to  form  a  draft resolution (except Crisis Committee). They made an   agreement  after  spending  6   sessions discussing a topic they had chosen. Closing ceremony was also conducted after the final session and final press conference. In the closing ceremony called Vintage Banquet, there was an awarding session. There were 3 types of award for each council: Honorable Mention, Most Outstanding Delegate, and Best Delegate.

On Sunday, 21st September 2014, PresMUN 2014 was finally ended. Hopefully, PresMUN can inspire more youngsters and increase their awareness of global issues.


- PresMUN is the only Model United Nations in Indonesia that provides accommodation and social event

- PresMUN needs 9 months preparation

- Crisis Committee in PresMUN 2014 was the first time organized in Indonesia.